Robert Motherwell Oaxaca, 1976 Located in J Paul’s Italian Steakhouse

In "Oaxaca," Robert Motherwell showcased a remarkable display of vibrant confidence in color, spontaneous automatism, and collaged forms, a departure from the initial stages of his collage works. These collages served as crucial foundational steps, pivotal to the evolution of his canvas works, despite grappling with evident challenges in composition and color at the time.

The introduction to collage gave Motherwell the ability to experiment with a medium that dried faster than oil paint, and represented the world without literally illustrating it. In 1941, Motherwell left school and embarked on a journey with his friend, Roberto Matta, into Taxco, Mexico. Robert Motherwell’s use of color to evoke experience is visible through the reds, pinks, whites, blacks, purples and even the small specks of blue peeking through from under the surface of Oaxaca. His artwork is reminiscent of Mexican Folk Art.