Table Games

With friendly and experienced dealers, spacious seating, and an assortment of games ranging from blackjack to roulette to craps, J Resort is a haven for table games players. Plus, you can earn comps that can be redeemed for E-CASH, dining, or lodging.

*Limits vary and will be available at the time of play*

*Non-Smoking Pit*

Hours: Open Seven Days a Week

10am to 2am

Blackjack $1,000,000 Payout

When a 5-10 card 21 is achieved by the dealers, any player with active hands at the table will receive a payout specific to the qualifying hand.

·      5 Card = $10 Promotional Chips/each player
·      6 Card = $25 Promotional Chips/each player
·      7 Card = $100 Promotional Chips/each player
·      8 Card = $250 Promotional Chips/each player
·      9 Card = $1,000 Promotional Chips/each player
·      10 Card = $1,000,000 Cash/split amongst table players at that table

Promotion is valid from Saturday, July 1st to Saturday, September 30th, 2023. All Blackjack tables for the length of the event will participate. To qualify for the $1,000,000 prize reimbursement, an eligible dealer must achieve a hand of twenty-one (21) consisting of ten (10) cards. The hand must be dealt in accordance with the standard Rule of Blackjack and these Promotion Rules.

The grand prize of $1,000,000 will only be awarded for the first occurrence of the corresponding dealer hand.

million dollar black jack


Double down at the hottest blackjack tables in Reno! Test your skills with double-deck blackjack where you can double on 10 or 11 and split up to four times or try your hand at our six-deck shoe where you can double on any first two cards and split up to four times.

Face Up Pai Gow

Experience the one-of-a-kind game where Chinese Pai Gow meets American poker. Face Up Pai Gow plays like conventional Pai Gow except the dealer’s cards are exposed first and there’s no commission on winnings. If the dealer presents an ace high Pai Gow, all hands are pushed.

Player Cards and Chips


Step up to the roulette table and immerse yourself in the thrill of this classic casino game.


Roll the dice and win big at one of our craps tables. 3X–5X odds, players of all levels can experience the excitement of this all-time favorite. Get in on our new side bet – “Bonus Craps” and bet the “All Small”, “All Tall”, and “Make ‘Em All”
for a chance at a $150 to 1 Payout!