Peter Allen Nisbet Mists of Zoroaster Located in the American West Private Dining Room, J Paul’s Italian Steakhouse

Peter Allen Nisbet was born in North Carolina in 1948 and began studying painting at the age of ten. With over forty years of experience in fine art, he initially worked with watercolors and transitioned to oils by the age of 25. He earned a liberal arts degree from the University of North Carolina and then served in the United States Navy. After his Naval service in 1974, he started a freelance commercial art business, providing graphic design and illustration for more than twenty-five national organizations.

In 1980, he moved to the Southwest and began focusing on landscape painting. Since then, he has completed and sold hundreds of paintings inspired by his global travels. While Nisbet has ventured to remote locations such as the South Pole and China, he prefers painting in the deserts of the Southwest and Mexico.

Painting of misty mountain landscape