Michael Benisty Broken but Together , 2019 Located at the Glow Plaza

"Broken But Together," crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel, symbolizes the delicate nature of relationships. Each figure, when viewed separately, bears signs of fracture—missing limbs or parts of their bodies. However, when they join hands and stand together, they become a united force, supporting one another in their vulnerable and fragile state.

Broken But Together is a continuation of Michael Benisty’s 2018 Burning Man piece called In Every Lifetime I Will Find You. It represents a more fragile side to relationships. The complexities of love and growth are expressed within this symbol of unity and protection.

Michael is a sculptor and digital artist who creates sculptures that have been exhibited in Burning Man, Miami, Brussels, London and more. His larger-than-life sculptures are designed to make others feel inspired, connected, imaginative and celebrated. Michael’s mission is to push boundaries and spread positivity. 

bent not broken