Phil Spitler and Victoria Mara Heilweil Luminous Waveforms, 2023 Located in the Main Casino

"Luminous Waveforms" is an artistic exploration of the grace and motion of waves, crafted using clear acrylic and a bespoke light composition. The artwork's organic contours draw inspiration from nature and are sculpted into a graceful, repetitive pattern. Encouraging contemplation, "Luminous Waveforms" beckons the viewer to reflect upon the fluidity and vitality present within the natural realm.

Luminous Waveforms is designed in 3D modeling software and then sliced into 2D planes. Each plane is then CNC cut out of 3/4 inch acrylic and physically re-assembled back into its three-dimensional form.  The edge of each slice provides a solid canvas for the intelligent LED lighting to cast upon.  The lighting score is custom-coded and site-specific to create the mood of the piece and engage participants with movement and color.