Kyle Polzin One Warrior's Medicine, 2011 Located in the American West Private Dining Room, J Paul’s Italian Steakhouse

Born on January 16, 1974, in South Texas, artist Kyle Polzin developed his artistic skills under his father's guidance, influenced by the beauty and heritage of his Texas upbringing. Growing up around horses and the Gulf coast, he gained an appreciation for his surroundings, reflected in his art. Learning craftsmanship from his skilled carpenter grandfathers, Kyle began formal fine art training in oil painting at Victoria College in 1992.

Under the influence of Dalhart Windberg, he honed his skills and, after working as a graphic artist and web designer, transitioned to painting full-time in 2000. Kyle’s success grew, earning awards like the Express Ranches Great American Cowboy Award in 2013 and the Don B. Huntley Spirit of the West Award for outstanding cowboy-themed work at the Autry National Center’s Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition. His sold-out shows and features in various publications, including Art of the West and Western Art Collector, attest to his acclaim. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, with his wife Leigh and two daughters, Kyle continues to make a significant impact in the art world.

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