Frank McCarthy Down from the Mountain, 1989 Located in the American West Private Dining Room, J Paul’s Italian Steakhouse

Frank McCarthy, driven by a passion for art since childhood, began his artistic journey by copying from comic strips. Encouraged by parents and teachers, he studied at the Art Students League in New York and later at Pratt Institute with a major in illustration. McCarthy started his career as a commercial illustrator in New York City, creating illustrations for paperback publishers, magazines, movies, and advertisements, including iconic posters for the James Bond series. After over 50 years in commercial art, he transitioned to fine art in 1968 upon moving to Sedona, Arizona.

McCarthy’s dynamic paintings focused on the people of the American West, particularly Plains Indians, mountain men, and cavalry, capturing the lore and allure of the Old West. Recognized as the “Dean of Western Action Painters,” his art was known for its motion, drama, and meticulous attention to accuracy and detail. McCarthy was inducted into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 1997. He passed away in 2002 at his home in Sedona, leaving behind a legacy of classic Western art, with three published books and over 135 limited edition art prints.

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