Edgar Alwin Payne Desert Sky Located in the American West Private Dining Room, J Paul’s Italian Steakhouse

Edgar Alwin Payne, born on March 1, 1882, in Washburn, Missouri, harbored a passion for painting since the age of 14. Initially working on stage scenery and murals for homes and theaters, he was primarily self-taught but briefly studied at the Art Institute in Chicago. In 1912, Payne married Elsie Palmer in Chicago.

Renowned as one of California’s leading landscape artists, Payne gained admiration for his Impressionistic plein-air style, particularly focusing on landscapes. His work, characterized by a deep appreciation for nature, often featured the majestic peaks and cobalt-blue lakes of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Payne’s love for the mountains led him to venture into the wilderness, using pack horses to reach upper lakes for sketching and painting

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