Dana Albany Tara Mechani, 2017 Located at 4th St. and Arlington Ave.

"Tara Mechani" is a contemporary depiction of the feminine Buddha archetype, Tara. This embodiment seamlessly blends elements from the past and the future, merging the realms of age-old wisdom and ideology with the advancements of modern mechanics and technology. Notably, Tara Mechani is an eco-conscious creation, crafted from 80% recycled materials, emphasizing sustainability and mindful use of resources.

This Burning Man piece was created by Dana Albany—a prolific San Francisco Bay Area artist. She uses her extraordinary vision to produce and fabricate large-scale sculptures for museums and interactive installations. In addition to work she has created for Burning Man, she has also created and exhibited art for the de Young Museum of Art, Chatsworth House in the U.K., The Exploratorium, The California Academy of Sciences,  San Francisco Arts Commission, SOMAR Gallery and the San Francisco Airport.