Barry Crawford Rearing Horse, 2018 Located at 4th St. and Ralston Ave.

"Rearing Horse" is an expansive kinetic sculpture, characterized by its intricate mechanical features that animate the front legs, mane, tail, neck, and ears, all set in motion by manipulating cranks on the sculpture's perimeter fence. Notably, this artistic creation is a testament to sustainability, as it is predominantly constructed from salvaged machinery sourced from discarded junk piles, showcasing the potential for repurposing and reimagining materials.

This piece is artist Barry Crawford’s third large-scale kinetic sculpture. He created it with a grant received from Burning Man Arts, and Rearing Horse made its first public appearance at Burning Man 2018. After Burning Man, the piece was displayed at the San Mateo Maker Faire before moving to its current location at J Resort.