Andrea Greenlees Bee Dance, 2019 Located at 4th St. and Washington St.

"Bee Dance," a creation crafted from steel and copper, serves as a celebratory ode to one of the most captivating forms of communication in the natural world—the intricate dance of bees. It stands as a poignant reminder of the indispensable role played by honeybees in our very survival, especially during a period when the global bee population is facing a significant decline.

It is a whimsical and inviting art installation in the form of two gigantic dancing bees, their legs entwined and their heads touching in a bee kiss. On their feet, they wear gleaming copper ballet shoes with copper ribbons. 

This installation reminds us that there is nothing more marvelous than that which already occurs in nature. Forager bees leave the hive to find nectar and pollen and when they return they perform an intricate dance routine to communicate the distance and direction of the food resources to the other bees.

bee dance