Andre Brasilier Les Poneys de L'Automne, 1990 Located in The Buffet

André Brasilier's artwork depicts serene rural landscapes inhabited by musicians, horses, and graceful women, drawing inspiration from the idyllic countryside of France's Loire Valley. Horses, symbolizing strength and dynamism, have long been a central theme that deeply influences Brasilier's artistic expressions.

His paintings’ vivid colors and sense of movement evoke Henri Matisse, a French visual artist, known for both his use of color and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. The flat, harmonious compositions recall Japanese prints.

He was born in Saumur, France in 1929. Both of his parents were painters and he attended the  École des Beaux-Arts at the age of 20. He has had major retrospectives at both the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the Museum Haus Ludwig für Kunstausstellungen Saarlois in Germany.